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A Golf Cart That Might Be Overdoing It

UD - The Garia LSV We’re just going to come right out and say it: we may have found one of the craziest golf carts ever made.

It took us a lot of driving, countless rounds at Augusta and in-depth interviews with at least two of Tiger Woods’s mistresses, but at last we’ve found it.

And since you asked: yes, it’s street legal...

Introducing The Garia LSV, a souped-up golf cart so advanced it barely fits within the confines of the law, available now.

So if you’re the type to bring your own golf cart to the course, well... that’s kind of a strange habit. But if you’re not, this might give you reason to start. Here’s what you need to know: this thing has a drive train built by the people who make Ducati racing bikes, and the entire behemoth is manufactured in a factory used by Porsche. What that means for you: you can cruise from fairway to fairway at around 25 mph, about double the rate of an average cart. (Not that it’s a race. But not that it’s not.) You should also know that there’s a built-in refrigerator under the dashboard—you know, for sodas.

And since it’s street legal, you’ll have the same basics you’d find in a car—hydraulic brakes, seat belts, side mirrors and a place to put a license plate. (We asked for power windows, but apparently that was deemed excessive.)

Oh, and one more thing—it’ll run you from 20 grand, but you’ll be pleased to know that includes a golf bag holder.

So think of it as a 20 grand golf bag holder with a cart attached.

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