Tequila Snow Cones

Snow Day

Introducing Tequila Snow Cones

UD - Tequila Snow Cones Snow cones—the food group most suited to eating outside.

But not this time.

Because taking these snow cones outside would be a misdemeanor.

Introducing Tequila Snow Cones, the most intoxicating iced delight to hit the city since BBQ soft-serve.

To sample this childhood treat hostile takeover, you’ll need to head deep into the underground agave vault of La Biblioteca. At this point, you should probably know that hidden from view in the kitchen is a giant plastic polar bear named Miguel, whose spacious insides are devoted to the crushing of ice into snow form. Said ice is then scooped up by a chef (who also happens to be named Miguel) and turned into the treat in question by the liberal application of tequila and homemade syrups.

You’ll be served a trifecta of flavors and colors, ranging from strawberry to hibiscus to tamarind to whatever else the Miguels have conjured that night. And since this is a tequila bar, you’ll be deciding among 400 bottles to kick up your cone.

Then, as the brain freeze competes with the 80-proof liquor for total mental control, you’ll think back to those carnival snow cones of your childhood.

And wonder if giant bears named Miguel were responsible for those too.


Tequila Snow Cones
available at La Biblioteca
622 Third Ave
(at 40th St)
New York, NY, 10017

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