Almost the Zack Morris Phone

UD - Native Union Retro Handsets Think back hard.

You were a child. Someone called your home. And you used... a strange device to receive the call. It was like a cell phone, only four times as big. And it didn’t give you any information or let you calculate a tip or send pictures to friends. It just... helped you talk to that person on the other line.

Those were good times. Simpler. Less cancer-y.

Here to assist you in bringing them back: Native Union Retro Handsets, a set of receivers that will help you rock out with your 1987 out, now available online.

Considering your well-documented preference for the classics (Mozart, Casablanca, Huey Lewis and the News), this could be the new phone you’ll be using whenever you’re at home, the office or the guest home at the Cape.

In addition to conjuring warm memories of all the positive things in your life when you used to have a phone like this (third-grade crushes, Oil Can Boyd, ALF), the handsets are compatible with all modern devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid).

They’ve also got a couple counterintuitive benefits, like the way they make it easier for you to use the features of your cell phone when you’re talking with someone, and how it’s easier to keep this phone between your shoulder and ear when you’re typing on the computer.

And with all the talk about brain cancer from cell phones lately, you’ll be happy to know that these handsets reduce exposure of potentially harmful cell phone radiation by 96%.

Of course, this does reduce your chances of ever mutating into a superhero.

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