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An Illicit New Downtown Saloon

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It’s still early in the week, but you’re already plotting to cause a little trouble this weekend.

We’ve got just the place, and it involves shot-and-beer pairings, an eye-popping burger and an illicit balcony. Villains Tavern opens Friday.

It’s located at the edge of Downtown civilization and everything inside is ancient, so it feels kind of like an Old West saloon—but with more loft-dwelling cinematographers. If you’ve come with a rowdy group, grab an outdoor table near a stage with oddball entertainment (think ’40s circus) and a bar that’ll sling only beers and shots to keep things moving. Mix and match one of 20 shots with one of 20 beers, and the pair’s eight bucks.

If you’ve come with a partner in crime—and you’re both looking to make some bad decisions after one too many—head to the main bar inside, backed by arches from an old Brooklyn church. You can do the beer/shot thing here too, but inside they’ll also take the time to craft more refined drinks like the Fatal Hour (with rye whiskey, chocolate bitters and Amaro Nonino). After a couple of them, take the next round up to the red couch on the low-ceilinged balcony, away from prying eyes.

And this is important—if at any point you need to soak up what’s been going on here, the Cherry Bacon Marmalade Burger should do it.

If not, try another one...


Villains Tavern
1356 Palmetto St
(east of Mateo)
Los Angeles, CA, 90013


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