The Reign of Spain

A Medieval Date Spot with Boozy Slushies

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Yesterday, you reveled in the glory of Spain.

And tomorrow, you will again. But instead of extra-time heroics, you will be celebrating more important things. The country’s spicy chorizo sandwiches. Its fine wine. And, of course, its boozy slushies.

Yes, we just said boozy Spanish slushies.

Introducing Estadio, opening tomorrow from the folks behind Proof to give you yet another reason to give it up for the red and yellow.

Imagine the dining room of an Armada-era castle, if the Armada had spent more time protecting the mother country’s artisanal hams and old sherry. You’ll find built-in metal stools at the concrete bar (for a quick after-dinner pint), communal tables of iron and wood (for when you stop by with your band of merrymakers) and cozy, high-backed leather chairs along the low-lit stone wall (for you and your favorite conquistadora).

Your first order of business: cooling off with one of the aforementioned boozy slushies, dubbed Slushitos and available with either Campari and gin, or sherry and scotch. (Ask for two straws.) Next: some slices from the Ibérico hams hanging from metal hooks over the bar (like an Inquisition, but only if you happen to be a ham) and a succession of eminently shareable plates from the Basque region, like Grilled Octopus with Potato-Caper Salad.

No relation to the octopus that picked Spain to go all the way.

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