Ring Your ’Vell

A New Los Feliz Wine Bar

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Say you’re a wine aficionado who’s got the goodwill of your entire neighborhood behind you.

(Not hard to imagine, we’d venture.)

There’s only one thing to do: open a great little wine bar with your equally esteemed friend, and let the good times roll. Welcome to Covell, finally open now in Los Feliz.

This is the kind of intimate neighborhood spot that had fans before its doors even opened—it’s owned by Dustin Lancaster (who long poured good wines at Café Stella) and manned by Matthew Kaner (who long poured good wines at Silver Lake Wine). So, basically, if you’ve ever drank a full-bodied red with a skinny-jeaned date, you probably already know these guys.

If you’re here with a date, snag a couple of stools near the back wall covered with pages from an Argentinean dictionary. (Think of it as international atmosphere.) The guys will talk you through the constantly changing wines scrawled on the salvaged windowpanes dangling above. (Tip: try the AM/FM Syrah—it’s Kaner’s own label.)

But if you’re here for beer with friends, congregate up front where the view’s best of what’s on tap—this weekend will bring Bootlegger’s Knuckle Sandwich Imperial IPA.

And they’ll also start offering cheese from the Cheese Handler (a Pizzeria Mozza vet) in a few days.

We knew you were worried about the cheese situation.


4628 Hollywood Blvd
(east of Vermont)
Los Angeles, CA, 90027


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