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Hollywood's Next Great Neighborhood Bar

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Hollywood has no shortage of glamorous velvet-rope nightspots, populated by the most regal reality stars.

But sometimes you just want a neighborhood drinking hole that you know will be around next month. Good beer. Good jukebox. That kind of thing.

Welcome to The Parlour Room of Hollywood, officially opening tomorrow.

You'll recognize the bones of Madame Royale here (and Play before that, and Red Buddha Lounge, and...), but the tufted green leather seats, marble bar and vintage gold mirrors are all new and give it a swanky-basement-hideaway vibe.

It's where you'll go to catch up with old friends over some Old Speckled Hen beers and a raucous soundtrack of classic Guns N' Roses. Or maybe you'll take a low-key date when you're both in the mood to down one too many Maple Juleps (bourbon, mint, maple syrup) by the fireplace on the enclosed brick patio out back.

And if something about all this feels familiar—well, that's because this is now a Craig Trager spot, the man behind institutions like The Well, The Woods and The Fifth. That means there will always be a $5 martini on the menu, and there's no annoying dress code.

Although you should probably wear pants.

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