Small Wonder

Downtown's New Little Wine Bar

UD - Mignon In LA, you're lucky if a single city block contains a single thing to do. You're always on the road, always on the hunt.

But sometimes something magical happens, and a block truly comes alive.

And if you're lucky, the tipping point is an alluring little wine bar. Welcome to Mignon, a new sliver of wine and cheese on your favorite patch of Downtown road, now open.

Picture it, because the location's important here—you'll make your way Downtown and, after parking, if you squint really hard, you can pretend you're idling your way through a New York evening. On foot.

Because on this block of concrete and brick, there's Las Perlas (that gritty den of tequila and mezcal), BabyCakes cupcakes, some French dip and gin at Cole's and the Varnish, the Association's illicit darkness... and now, an inviting little wine bar.

It's a small, simple date spot with a rectangular bar dropped right in the middle of it, so you'll want to grab a pair of stools and summon some almonds, olives, prosciutto and cheese—like the Tomette de Chevre, made from the classiest French goats.

An AOC vet handles the wines here, small-production finds from France, Croatia and elsewhere—and she'd like to suggest you try a bottle from Demeter Zoltán, a pretty rare Hungarian white from '07.

In this case, do mess with the Zoltán.

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