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Your First Look Inside Boudoir

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In your after-dark globe-trotting, you've drank with TV stars and, here and there, you've seen a Parisian bedroom.

But, ladies and gentlemen, now is your time to drink with TV stars in a Parisian bedroom.

Welcome to the new Parisian-themed lounge known as Boudoir, officially open for elegant debauchery on La Cienega.

You'll find it in the former home of Coco de Ville—the owners are the same, and the velvet rope is still out front. But instead of the old eye-popping rainbow of furniture and swings inside, you'll now step into a golden fireplace-warmed enclave overstuffed with armchairs, crystal chandeliers and dessert-flavored cocktails. (Think: Jelly Donut, with vanilla vodka and pomegranate liqueur.)

If you're here to watch the parade of celebs, towering heels and even the occasional suit jacket, settle into a tufted crimson banquette by the entrance up front. The fire's right there, presumably to warm the hearts of agents as they arrive.

But if you're settling in for a discussion on the finer points of Sarkozy's African trade policy—or you want to dance—move in a little deeper to a corner by the DJ booth.

And if you happen to sit next to a golden lightbox, you might be treated to a Boudoir model posing in the latest haute couture.

It's actually a lot like your own bedroom...


755 N La Cienega Blvd
(south of Santa Monica)
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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