Things to do for June 04, 2010

The Weekender

700 Pounds of Pork, Marin's Biggest Bar and Air Guitar

The weekend promises to pack three days into two.

Brand-New Perks

Brand-New Perks

This week, Perks is giving you and your tennis partner a chance at 60 minutes on the court with the legendary John McEnroe, who'll give you tips on everything from strengthening your second serve to the proper way to berate a myopic line judge. Yes, we are being serious.

Persian Pub Grub Dinner at Zaré

Persian Pub Grub Dinner at Zaré

You could say the Iranians don't have quite the stronghold on pub fare that the Irish do. And you'd be right. But maybe Chicken Wings "Fessenjoon" and Caspian Seafood Stew with Hitachino and Dogfish Head brews might sway things a little. Plus, you might be witnessing the debut of the world's first Iranian gastropub...

Jun 4-5, 8:30pm, $75, Zaré at Fly Trap, 606 Folsom St (at Hawthorne), 415-243-0580

Street Food Finder Map

Street Food Finder Map

Starting out with 20 star vendors like Curry Up Now, Adobo Hobo and Chairman Bao, the Street Food Finder map pinpoints each cart's locale and posts their tweets in real time. Now if it could just get them to come right to you.

The Cultural Pick
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ReframeSF's Movie Scavenger Hunt


ReframeSF's Movie Scavenger Hunt

This local odyssey outfits you with 20 printed screenshots from movies shot around the city—including classics like Vertigo and Bullitt—and gives you three and a half hours to make your way to wherever they were shot, snap a digital photo for evidence and then reconvene to find out who got the most. Unless someone decides to pull the old double-cross...

411: Jun 5, 11:30am-3:30pm, $25, starting at the Ferry Building (at the Embarcadero), 415-567-5369, tickets here
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US Air Guitar Championships at the Fillmore

US Air Guitar Championships at the Fillmore

Apparently air guitar isn't as easy as it looks. Come watch and see who will be chosen to represent SF in nationals next month (and the world in August). Big hair, aggressive spandex and AC/DC are recommended...

Jun 5, 8pm, $20, The Fillmore, 1805 Geary Blvd (at Fillmore), 415-346-6000

Brick & Bottle Opens in Marin

Brick & Bottle Opens in Marin

Prepare yourself for a pilgrimage to the biggest bar in the entire county of Marin, complete with cocktails like the tequila-spiked El Diablo and some bites like duck confit pizza. Sometimes it takes a pilgrimage.

Open now, Brick & Bottle, 55 Tamal Vista Blvd, Corte Madera, 415-924-3366

Cochon 555 at the Fairmont

Cochon 555 at the Fairmont

The triple threat of five winemakers and five local chefs preparing five pigs is back for a rematch. Each of the 140-pound pigs will be braised, grilled, pressed, pickled, rubbed, smoked, seared, sauced, spiced, injected, marinated, cured in any way or otherwise prepared. Meaning: this is the pork event to end all pork events.

Jun 6, 5pm (VIP 3:30pm), $125-$200, The Fairmont, 950 Mason St, 415-772-5000, tickets here

UD HOOKUP: Enter code "farmfresh" for $15 off general admission or code "VIP" for $25 off VIP.

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