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The Future of Rolodexes

UD - My Name Is E You're a hard person to pin down. You're multifaceted. Deep. Complex.

And you have the many social networking profiles to prove it.

Which brings us to My Name Is E, a new way to help corral and share your various online identities in one convenient place—namely, your phone.

Think of this as a Rolodex for your online self. You'll log in to the site to register every place you currently have an account: Twitter, Facebook and even that old MySpace page you have floating around. Then you'll organize them into "cards," some of which will be for business associates, others for your more personal associates. (You don't want to give a potential new client access to Facebook pictures of your Memorial Day barbecue, no matter how creative you were with the sauce.)

Then, when you're out at a trade show, bar or bar trade show and someone asks for the best way to get in touch, you won't have to rattle off a litany of identities, phone numbers and email addresses. Just break out your phone, log in to the My Name Is E site, select the appropriate card, and then the name of the person you want to share it with—and you'll be automatically added to each other's networks. If they're not a member, you'll just send them a quick email invite.

Or you could just give them your number.

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