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Dancing in the Old Stock Exchange Building

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Sometimes you want an intimate night at a little hole-in-the-wall...

And sometimes you require nothing less than 25,000 square feet of historic, awe-inspiring revelry.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to discuss the latter. In the landmark 1929 Stock Exchange Building, a new nightlife institution is born—welcome to Exchange LA.

After $5 million in renovations, this is your new way to properly celebrate Downtown's rebounding drinking market. To begin, you'll want to pull back the original 1,400-pound solid bronze doors to find a covert hallway—a good place to meet up before you ascend the giant staircase and abandon all notion of the outside world.

At the top is the cavernous Trading Room—aka the dance floor—under a hand-painted ceiling 40 feet up. The balcony, dubbed the Federal Reserve, has a personal host at each reserved table. And all the way up, accessed by a secret elevator, is the Board Room—a crimson-colored private viewing box for your most delicate after-dark dealings.

If your film premiere needs an after-party venue—or you're just really in the mood for a memorable Tuesday—now's your chance to snag one of the first private bookings. Otherwise, you'll want to diligently monitor the activities of your favorite DJs and promoters, who'll be hosting nights starting in June.

This is definitely where the E-Trade baby will party in another 20 years.
Note: <a href="" target="_blank">Exchange LA</a>, now booking private events, public nights begin in June, 213-627-8070, 618 S Spring St, <a href= "" target="_blank">see the slideshow</a>


Exchange LA
618 S Spring St
(south of Sixth)
Los Angeles, CA, 90014


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