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  • Screen Saver

    Screen Saver

    Rooftop Film Club Comes to Hollywood

  • East, Bound and Down

    East, Bound and Down

    Just Your Standard Dungeon/Hotel Scenario

  • Cold Rush

    Cold Rush

    A Juice Bar Where You Freeze Yourself

  • Mama Chameleon

    Mama Chameleon

    A Hollywood Hotel with a Lot of Gin and Foosball

  • The Pot Thickens

    The Pot Thickens

    People Get Monthly Subscriptions to Weed Now

  • Alone Sharks

    Alone Sharks

    These People Will Really Mess with Your Head

Elsewhere on UD

  • Hammer Time

    Hammer Time

    A SoMa Taproom Built for Hanging Out Forever

  • Hi, Honey

    Hi, Honey

    A Southern Pop-Up Inside a Wine Bar

  • Dip Shape

    Dip Shape

    Atlanta’s Best Dips: A Slideshow