Things to do for September 17, 2015

The Weekender

Watches, Lingerie, and a Tacopedia

Ask not what the weekend can do for you...

Here’s How You’ll Choose Lingerie Now

Here’s How You’ll Choose Lingerie Now

1) Make this site’s virtual woman assume the general size and shape of whomever you’re buying lingerie for.
2) Answer a couple questions about what she’s like.
3) Let the T*Bar ponder this.
4) They’ll give you curated lingerie-set options to acquire for, say, her birthday. Or your birthday. Or Tuesday.

Say It with Lil Jon

Say It with Lil Jon

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish early-’00s rap sensation Lil Jon would create an app involving a video keyboard featuring his floating head shouting some of his more renowned phrases and expressions, just for fun,” well... uh, here. Here that is.

Everything About Tacos

Everything About Tacos

Reasons to acquire this taco encyclopedia:

—You’re searching for a mind-blowing carnitas recipe.
—You want to exclusively serve stewed tacos from the Guadalajara region at your next themed BBQ.
—You want cartography involving tacos.
—It’s a taco encyclopedia.

Congrats, You’re a Watchmaker Now

Congrats, You’re a Watchmaker Now

In case you missed it: We’re not against buying handsome timepieces. But we’re also not against letting Fabnik help you put together your own with just some leather, waxed thread and a mechanical face. Because it’d be strange to be against that.

End of a Season. Start of Some Sales.

End of a Season. Start of Some Sales.

Oak Street Bootmakers: Trail oxfords and loafers and penny loafers and you getting all of those things at 25% off. Right this way.
J. Press York Street: Hey, look, these guys are doing an up-to-85%-off thing through September 30. That’s 15% on, if you’re counting.

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