Things to do for July 02, 2015

The Weekender

Wooden Games, Pot Wallets and a Global Arts Club

By the dawn’s early weekend.

A Sotheby’s Vet Made You an Arts Club

A Sotheby’s Vet Made You an Arts Club

UD: What’s this?
CULTIVIST: We’re the first global arts club. Hello.
UD: What’s that?
CULTIVIST: We’ll interview you to ensure you’re serious about this art thing. Then nod approvingly and put a stamp somewhere. Then you’ll skip lines, attend various parties and do VIP things at Tate Modern and Art Basel and Frieze and wherever else.
UD: Nice.

These Leather Goods Have Secrets

These Leather Goods Have Secrets


1) A leather phone case/wallet with a green Italian-leather pocket for rolling papers.
2) A leather key chain malleable enough to create a small bowl.
3) A horn-shaped key chain that looks like it could hold small bits of green plants and transfer them around.
4) A pocket-size dish to hold those bits.

Moving on...

Some Attractive Wooden Games

Some Attractive Wooden Games

Okay, good news or bad news first? Sorry, we can’t hear you.

The good news: Red, Wood & Blue is a new online shop with a USA-made wooden cricket dart set with walnut-and-turkey-feather darts and a nice walnut board for indoor hoops.
The bad news: Nah, let’s not undo the warm feelings about walnut-and-turkey-feather darts.

A Few Places Making Things Cost Less

A Few Places Making Things Cost Less

Filson: They’ve got summer stuff that’s all 35% off. Do with that information what you will.
Ernest Alexander: An exceptional name. Also, a store that is giving you 30% off bags and button-downs.
Sunspel: They’re doing up to 50% off polos, shorts, swim trunks and things. And free shipping. And no duty charge. Oh, you’re still here. Hi.

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