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Los Balcones Spawns a Peruvian-Sangria Patio

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“I can never find a Peruvian-sangria place in LA.”

Prepare to never hear that again.

Good thing. You were feeling besieged.

Take a trek to Chavela, a fetching new authority in Peruvian sangria and drinking foods, opening tomorrow in Hollywood. (See the slideshow.)

It’s a relaxed, 40-seat hall of light woods next to and created by (but different from) Los Balcones, with huge wall-mounted animal heads made out of plants... and a communal table that cannot be contained. It starts by the bar and extends straight through the front glass wall and onto the four-seat patio up front.

That’s where you’ll pause to bring temperatures down with a date in the midst of your broiling Hollywood stroll. Your instrument: chavelas, bottles of premade Southern Peruvian sangria that come in one customary and three to four seasonal flavors devised by Joel Black, with ingredients like wine, fruit, vanilla tea and hibiscus liqueur. Or you could just get a beer.

It wouldn’t be untoward to get something to eat at this point. Here, drinking food is of the not-so-containing-meat variety. So there’s stuff like mushroom-and-cauliflower chicharrones, avocado toast with pink Peruvian sea salt, and aji amarillo mac and cheese.

Mac and cheese is never untoward.


1358 Vine St
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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