Things to do for May 14, 2015

The Weekender

Gratis Whiskey, Limitless Sushi and Hialeah

Weekend Ahoy

The Raleigh’s Got a Pool Pass Now

The Raleigh’s Got a Pool Pass Now

Brace yourself. After 75 years, the grand dame of South Beach hotels is finally doing the pool pass thing. So now you can have full-day access to its aquatic wonderland without spending the night. But hey, if Marco Polo gets out of hand...

Mon-Thu, $25; Fri-Sun, $50; The Raleigh, 1775 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 305-534-6300

Just a Whole Lot of Sushi Here

Just a Whole Lot of Sushi Here

Kone’s declared open season on their entire menu. Pork gyoza. Thinly sliced calamari. Octopus tempura hand rolls. Yep, everything’s fair game during their new eat-until-you-don’t-feel-like-eating-anymore weekday dinner. And... that’s really all the information you need on this subject.

Mon-Thu, 5-11pm, $28.95, Kone, 247 SE 1st St, 305-373-7622

The Mighty Turns One. Have a Drink.

The Mighty Turns One. Have a Drink.

This week, the Mighty turns one. (We know... time flies when you’re drinking beer.) Anyway, they’re throwing a party. Where you’ll find housemade duck and rabbit sausage, music and generous gifts of gratis High West whiskey. For you. This is how birthdays should work.

May 14, 5pm, The Mighty, 2224 Coral Way, 305-570-4311

Art Partying at Ironside

Art Partying at Ironside

Maison&Objet. It’s like Art Basel. But for interior design... and French. Well, Ironside’s rolling out the red carpet for its inaugural visit. All of its galleries will be open for the night and the yet-to-open Brasserie Azur will be doling out drinks. Look alive out there.

And the New Wynwood Is... Hialeah

And the New Wynwood Is... Hialeah

Here are a few things you’ll find at the block party inaugurating the new arts district in Hialeah:

—Pincho Factory and Velvet Creme food trucks.
—Gratis beer.
—Live art.
—A 1973 VW “Hialeah Art Bus.”
—People trying to figure out the difference between West 49th Street and Northwest 103rd Street.

May 17, 4-8pm, The Leah Arts District, 1501 E 10th Ave, Hialeah

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