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A Patriotic Whiskey Speakeasy over Tom Bergin’s

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Whatever you do...

Don’t go in the attic above Tom Bergin’s.

Unless you enjoy whiskey.

Then you’ll definitely want to go in the attic.

And soon you’ll come to know Vestry, a members-only, North American–whiskey mecca nestled above Tom Bergin’s, offering you exclusive first access to memberships and opening updates at the end of this here email, ahead of its summer debut. And here’s the slideshow that shows you what’s waiting.

You must acquire membership. In this way, they shall keep crowds to 40 or under at all times. So you can relish all the antiquities in this genteel bootlegger’s flat, like 18th-century church pews, a working ’30s radio and a framed Pabst blue ribbon. Yes, there were actual blue ribbons.

Oh, and a lot of US and Canadian whiskey staring at you from behind floor-to-ceiling glass cabinets in the alcove opposite the bar. One hundred and ninety-eight kinds of a lot. Bottles stretching back to 1906, and over 40 whiskeys from distilleries that no longer exist. Basically, it’s the Jurassic Park of whiskey.

Maybe you’ll treat a comrade to one of those rare drams. Or maybe you’ll try a themed flight while talking with the bar’s resident authorities on all things North American whiskey.

They’ve been waiting for this moment for all of their lives.
Note: Vestry, $250 to $500 annual for membership, opens this summer above <a href="" target="_blank">Tom Bergin’s</a>, 840 S Fairfax Ave, 323-936-7151, UD members will be granted first access to memberships and opening updates via <a href="">this exclusive email address</a>, <a href="" target= "_blank">see the slideshow</a>


above Tom Bergin’s
840 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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