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The Houston Brothers Go Full ’80s in K-Town

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Big bucks.

No whammies.


... at Break Room 86, the brothers Houston’s new club that’s really, really, really into the ’80s, opening Friday (or earlier) in the depths of the Line Hotel. You’ll want to study this slideshow closely.

Enter off Ardmore into the hotel’s corridors, past Pot’s kitchen and through a secret entrance in the wall. You... knew there’d be a secret entrance at this point, right?

Anyway, past that, you’ll find yourself in a living ’80s time capsule, with walls made of ancient boomboxes, lockers, cassette tapes, punk posters and monitors flashing the likes of Max Headroom, A-ha, Pac-Man and He-Man cartoons. No DVRs in sight.

Now: it’s blowout time. Take a booth with some friends and fill your G N’ R–stenciled roadie case table with Rocket Pop–colored cocktails or boozy wine coolers. Those are acceptable here.

Some will retreat to the graffiti-covered corner for stand-up Donkey Kong. Others will hit the dance floor. Everyone will cease these activities immediately when the break dancing shows happen on the stage hidden behind... well, you’ll see.

And if you’ve rented a karaoke room, you may pass through Bill and Ted’s phone booth to get there.

Choose your own favorite Bill & Ted reference here.

Pretend we said it.


Break Room 86
at the Line Hotel
630 S Ardmore Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90005


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