Things to do for August 21, 2014

The Weekender

California Girls. Oh, and Tom Hanks Made an App.

On a warm summer’s eve on a train bound for the weekend...

The Book’s Called California Girls

The Book’s Called <em>California Girls</em>

When you think California, you probably think long stretches of beach, the comfortable rays of the sun and a new coffee-table book full of West Coast girls free from the hindrance of clothing as photographed by renowned photographer Sasha Eisenman. Ah, the power of suggestion.

All of This Leather Is New and Good

All of This Leather Is New and Good

Saturdays Surf NYC just made some leather things for the first time ever. Few bifold wallets. A card holder. There’s a belt in there, too. And you can get any of them in your choice of black, oxblood or tan. This is the end of the part about Saturdays Surf having leather.

Oh God, It’s a Bouncing Sinbad

Oh God, It’s a Bouncing Sinbad

Remember that one time when you won solitaire on an old PC and the winning card bounced around and left that weird trail of glory? Yeah. Well, this new single-purpose website is that. But instead of a bouncing card, it’s a bouncing Sinbad torso. And the world just keeps on spinning.

Tom Hanks Made an iPad App

Tom Hanks Made an iPad App

You know Tom Hanks: actor, writer, director. Everything the guy touches turns to gold. No reason that should change with this new iPad app he helped develop. It recreates the exact feel, look and sound of a vintage typewriter. Tom Hanks made an app. Ha.

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