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The sky is blue.

Dogs bark.

And you never drink Bloody Marys with moonshine in them.

One of these things is about to become false.

At Bellwoods Social House, a low-key new bar’s bar with cocktails that are not what you’d expect so that’s fun, hoping to open a week from today on the Westside.

This place looks like a transit station (think: lots of subway tile) turned lumberyard (think: giant stacks of chopped wood everywhere) turned dimly lit bar (think: you know what those look like).

Migrate here after 10pm with some friends. There’s a patio if you’re in need of some Mini Lobsta Rolls and pork-shoulder pizza. But mainly, you’ll want to be at the bar. It’s run by Arianne Fielder (Seven Lamps, Article 14...), who wants to make you a moonshine Bloody or an Indian Summer with rum, honey and chili peppers. She told us so.

Then—and trust us here—shots. See, they’ll be honoring some staples from bars around the country. From Analogue in Chicago: rye with a bitters back and a sugar-soaked orange slice. From Mother’s Ruin in NYC: tequila or mezcal with a Tecate. From Bellwoods in Atlanta: coconut-infused rum with a Fanta grape soda back.

That last place is new.

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