Things to do for July 24, 2014

The Weekender

Beer, Bikes and a Day of Oysters

The weekend was filmed over a 12-year period.

Beer and Bikes, Bikes and Beer

Beer and Bikes, Bikes and Beer

Every good weekend starts with a nice conversation about bike design over some beers. What. Don’t look at us like that. Just go check out the five bikes of the Bike Design Project, one for each participating city. You don’t want to just assume San Francisco’s is the best...

Watching Vertigo in the Shipyards

Watching <em>Vertigo</em> in the Shipyards

A lot has changed since Vertigo was shot here in the ’50s. Back then, people didn’t go to the Pier 70 shipyards to hit a slider-based food truck, get some drinks and watch movies on a billboard. Now they do.

This Store Has Too Much Beer. Help.

This Store Has Too Much Beer. Help.

This Abbot’s Cellar problem has gotten pretty dire. Their cellar has gotten too full of amazing aged beers lying around. So they’ve combined a bunch of the rarities into unusual “Boxed Sets” and they’re bringing them out on Saturday. Now, how could you possibly help them out in this situation?

Sunday Is a Day of Oysters

Sunday Is a Day of Oysters

Fact #1: Sunday, Bar Agricole is open from 11am to 1opm.
Fact #2: Sunday, Bar Agricole is offering $2 oysters and $3 lagers from 11am to 10pm.
Fact #3: Fact #1 and Fact #2 will also be true next Sunday, and the next.

Do with these facts what you will.

Sundays, 11am-10pm, Bar Agricole, 355 11th St (near Harrison), 415-355-9400

Dinner at Quince... at an Art Gallery

Dinner at Quince... at an Art Gallery

Those people you know who go overboard on emojis—they really pulled out the sad-faces when Quince shut down for renovations. Well, now there’s a five-week Quince pop-up at Hedge Gallery, with rotating galleries handling the walls each week. So prepare for rows and rows of happy-face emojis.

Jul 30-Aug 30, Wed-Sat, reception 6:30pm, dinner 7:30pm, $199, curATE at Hedge Gallery, 501 Pacific Ave (at Montgomery), 415-433-2233

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