Things to do for July 24, 2014

The Weekender

Croissant-Infused Bourbon, Soul Music and Art

There are plenty of weekends in the sea.

Good News for Your Closet

Good News for Your Closet

A local outfit called Givedon has launched their wares online. Real handsome button-downs in a solid roster of patterns. Oh, and when you buy a shirt, they’ll donate a toy to a kid in Ecuador. We believe the term is “win-win.”

A Crazy Little Bar Takeover

A Crazy Little Bar Takeover

Here’s what we know:
1. A barkeep from the Regent Cocktail Club and the chef at 1826 are taking over Macchialina for one night.
2. They’re calling it “Surrealist’s Dream.”
3. There’ll be an ice luge. And the debut of croissant-infused bourbon.
4. Sorry, we stopped listening after croissant-infused bourbon.

Jul 24, 11pm, $20, Macchialina, 820 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, 305-534-2124

How You Throw an Art Party

How You Throw an Art Party

Quiz time. What do you do with a perfectly good botanical garden?
A) Take a stroll.
B) Stop and smell the roses.
C) Use it to host a black-and-white photo exhibit of unretouched women with gratis Cuban food and cocktails.
D) Big hint: the answer is C.

Two Days of Soul. Get a Little Crazy.

Two Days of Soul. Get a Little Crazy.

The Stage is throwing a two-day party full of soul and rock. They’re bringing the bands (Suenalo, Bayonics), the sustenance (courtesy of the Vibe 305 food truck) and a few $3 beers. Okay, probably more than a few.

Bookleggers Turns Two

Bookleggers Turns Two

Books. You remember those. Well, the roving book-mongers at Bookleggers are celebrating two years of tome trading. Gramps is providing the liquid refreshments alongside a pop-up art flea market. And you get to take two free reads home with you. It’s the new party favor.

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