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Welcome to Fifty Seven’s Dark and Sexy Basement

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You’re revising your strategy this summer:

Instead of cocktailing on rooftops, it’s hidden basement rock clubs only.

Revision to the revision:

Actually, you’ll do both things. Rooftops and basements. That was a misguided revision for a second.

As for the basement, here’s Downstairs @ Fifty Seven, a new subterranean lounge for live indie rock and classic cocktails by candlelight, opening tonight beneath Fifty Seven restaurant.

After a nice dinner upstairs (or next door at Bestia), you can extend the shelf life of your date with a simple “Hey, let’s go down to the basement.” Then maybe a less simple “There’s a bar and bands and other people down there, too.” So it doesn’t seem weird.

Then step to the left of Fifty Seven’s bar and down some stairs into a moody little slice of underground—steel beams, exposed pipes, black walls, flickering candles—that feels like an illicit NYC after-hours. Until... it doesn’t.

So before some generously beflanneled indie rockers or a yet-to-blow-up Eastside songwriter hits the stage, you’ll squeeze through the Biscuit Lofters to the back bar made of staggered wooden tables—and get a couple classic cocktails engineered by the folks behind NYC’s Death + Co. They’re trying to bring back the White Russian.

If you’ll abide.


Downstairs @ Fifty Seven
712 S Santa Fe Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90021


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