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Duck Wings and Draft Margaritas at L.A. Live

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The Lakers...

Let’s just say you’re going to need a rapid margarita-delivery system to get through the season.

Right on cue, here’s Tom’s Urban, a titanic new sports bar with 80 screens, cocktails on tap and endless tacos and Xiangxiang duck wings—opening tomorrow at L.A. Live.

Some night soon, maybe you’ll have concert tickets (Yanni goes on sale Friday, just saying). Or maybe you’ll have court-facing Laker seats next to Nicholson...’s cousin’s mailman. Either way, this looks to be your new pregame spot.

Because it’s a sprawling, bi-level cathedral with enough room for whatever you need. First up: the long bar in the middle of the main room downstairs. Joel Black created the drinks, and many of ’em are coming at you quickly—think margaritas and Moscow Mules on tap. So yeah, feels pretty welcoming right here.

But if for some strange reason you want to relocate, you’ve got options: the super-sports-bar-y room to your right, the upstairs lounge with beer taps in tables, the hordes-watching patio out front... or the more refined dining room to your left. Here’s where you’d load up on those duck wings, butter-poached-lobster-and-shrimp tacos... and supposedly there’s a ghost-pepper pizza coming soon.

It’s also where your friends can actually hear you discuss your deepest insecurities over Dwight Howard’s departure.

Which could take a while.


Tom’s Urban
1011 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA, 90015


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