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45 Moonshines and 15 Burgers in Buckhead

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Once upon a time, moonshine was outlawed.


Completely and utterly banned.

Well... thank God for progress.

Make a run for Stillhouse, a dark and shadowy new hooch bar with live music, late-night burgers and a very favorable moonshine-to-you ratio (45:1, if you’re keeping score), opening Friday in the old East Andrews front bar space in Buckhead.

You may already be familiar with the bones of this place. But you’ll notice that they’ve traded out some of the showier aspects (read: bottle-tossing flair behind the bar) for some more discreet aspects (read: a distinct “this all feels somewhat illegal” vibe). Think tables made from whiskey barrels, Edison chandeliers made from pipes and pressed-tin ceilings.

And funny coincidence: it opens at 5pm on Friday. As does your three-day weekend. Start it at the new communal island bar with some friends and some moonshine margaritas. Order yours smoked and they’ll torch your choice of wood chips (pecan, peach, cherry...) in a lid on top of your glass.

And then when it’s one or eight hours later and you need a two-patty duck burger, just ask. If you need some moonshine-soaked steamed mussels, just ask for those, too.

We figured you might.

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