Things to do for April 23, 2009

The Weekender

Extreme BLTs, Tequila Tasting and Beckham's Cobbler

The weekend is cooling down.

Ammo's New Tequila Arsenal

Ammo's New Tequila Arsenal

Your favorite Popcorn Ice Cream pioneer is getting in the single-estate tequila game with new monthly tastings. First up: three from Tequila Ocho, with matched appetizers from the restaurant, all for a not-bad $20. Here's hoping for Tequila Ice Cream.

Apr 23, 5:30-7:30pm, 1155 N. Highland Ave, reservations required at 323-467-3293

David Beckham's Cobbler at Duncan Quinn

David Beckham's Cobbler at Duncan Quinn

The bespoke English suit shop hosts (what else?) a bespoke English shoemaker, G.J. Cleverley, which has tended to the heels of Beckham and Churchill. (Add a bespoke English milliner and you'd be covered head to toe.) Appointments are available for custom work, but ready-to-wear will be unlaced as well.

Apr 24-25, 8380 Melrose Ave (between Orlando and Kings), 323-782-9205, flier here

Pools and a Party at Duncan Miller

Pools and a Party at Duncan Miller

Photographer Daniel Wheeler has hopped many a fence (and dodged many a mutt) to shoot our city as it was meant to be seen—underwater in swimming pools. You can also see Saturday's party for his show Gulp as it was meant to be seen—through the depths of your wine glass.

Apr 25, 6-9pm, 10959 Venice Blvd (W. of Prospect), 310-838-2440

Free Beer, Nearly Free Clothes

Free Beer, Nearly Free Clothes

This is how you like your mega-sales—Mike&Chris leather, Generic Man shoes and Apartment3 vintage have all been corralled and discounted by up to 90 percent. Also: DJs, gratis beer and a taco truck. Sold.

Apr 25, noon-6pm (drinks and music till 8pm), 2900 Rowena Ave, many brands cash-only

BLT Night at Dakota

BLT Night at Dakota

Deep inside the Roosevelt, you can now find a weekly ode to the BLT—in mind-expanding forms from classic to slider to pizza. But we suggest building your own masterpiece, with a choice of artisanal bacons and extras like hanger steak, Maine lobster and that old favorite, foie gras butter.

Tuesdays starting Apr 28, Dakota, 7000 Hollywood Blvd (at Orange), 323-769-8888

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