The Porta-Party

Behind Closed Door

Introducing the Porta-Party

Occasionally you start thinking you've seen it all.

But then you throw a wild blowout in the back of a Japanese-maid café and art gallery. And nobody can stop talking about the highlight of the night—say hello to the Porta-Party, now residing in the back room of Royal/T.

First things first: it's an immaculate art piece by Nick Rodrigues, not a real portable toilet. And also, it looks way more like an oversized iPod.

But picture it—your guests are all sipping sake and chatting about the gallery's surreal modern-art pieces from Murakami and KAWS, scooping bites from the cheerful girls done up in maid uniforms. Everybody's having a good time. Still, the party needs a boost.

So…you gracefully propose an adult round or two of the old "Seven Minutes in Heaven" game. Introduce a couple frisky strangers, toss them into the disco-ball-lit Porta-Party and, after the knob is turned to "Occupied," well, what happens in the Porta-Party stays in the Porta-Party.

If you're not into throwing your own artsy-costumed-maid-porta-bash just now, you should know the proprietor is happily hosting some speed-dating nights this month for singles of all proclivities.

But you prefer the longer-term thing. Seven minutes, at least.


The Porta-Party
at Royal/T
8910 Washington Blvd
(between National and Robertson)
Culver City
Culver City, CA, 90232

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