Things to do for May 31, 2013

The Weekender

Records, Coffee and Shades: Another LA Weekend

Where there’s a weekend, there’s a way.

G&B Coffee. Downtown. Wow.

G&B Coffee. Downtown. Wow.

Some recent morning, you probably stood in line waiting for Intelligentsia coffee, then drank Intelligentsia coffee, then felt slightly more at peace about the universe. Now two guys from there (one’s G, one’s B) have a new spot inside Grand Central Market 2.0. They make pupusas. Just kidding. Coffee.

Opens May 31, G&B Coffee, 317 Broadway St #C19, Downtown, 213-624-2378

Back to the Future: Now a Cabaret

<em>Back to the Future</em>: Now a Cabaret

They’ve done Tarantino. Luhrmann. And now, For the Record is doing the movie-soundtracks-as-live-theater thing to the Robert Zemeckis canon. Yes, that means you’ll see Forrest running, Marty McFly singing and Jessica Rabbit being an actual person.

Now showing, $20-$40, For the Record: Zemeckis at Rockwell, 1714 N Vermont Ave, Los Feliz, 323-669-1550, tickets here

Mr. Chow. Malibu. Lunch.

Mr. Chow. Malibu. Lunch.

There’s a certain kind of moment that can only happen when you’re at Mr. Chow in Malibu having lunch, and you’re telling a story about Sean Penn, but then you see Sean Penn. It’s the kind of moment that can only happen now that Mr. Chow in Malibu has opened for lunch.

Now serving lunch, Sat-Sun, Mr. Chow, Malibu Country Mart, 3835 Cross Creek Rd #18A, Malibu, 310-456-7600

Some Steven Alan Shades for You

Some Steven Alan Shades for You

Steven Alan. Great shirts. But they’ve really been neglecting your eyebrow-to-nostril region. No more: their new line of classic-looking glasses and shades is now available at the La Brea shop. If you expected to see some tortoiseshell, you’re not wrong.

Records and Beer at Mom’s Bar

Records and Beer at Mom’s Bar

So you go to a bar with some records under your arm. You have a drink. Eventually, the DJ plays something you brought. When that happens, the bartender sends you a round on the house. Oh, you’ve never done that before. You should go to Mom’s Bar on Tuesday then.

Tuesdays starting Jun 4, “BYO Vinyl” at Mom’s Bar, 12238 Santa Monica Blvd, 310-820-6667

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