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Off Hollywood Boulevard, This Crazy Club Scene

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Notable aspects of the Walk of Fame:

Gold stars. Tourists. $3.33 T-shirts. Discreet cathedrals stocked with dangling chandeliers, beautiful women in tutus and men on stilts teetering through the madness to deliver you vodka.

Oh. You’re not familiar with that last one.

Part the curtains for The Cosmo, a nice little place to bring you the type of morning-after memories that couldn’t possibly have actually happened—but did—opening Wednesday on Hollywood Boulevard at Cosmo Street.

So this all goes down where Vice was. Now you can just expect vice, lowercase. The first room right off the street may not look like much, but go through the curtains and you’ll see it—towering ceilings, glittering crystal chandeliers and the general sense that you’re in an ancient church... but everybody’s worshipping something sort of blasphemous.

There are just a dozen booths here, and it’s the kind of place where people will pay a lot of money to have bottles delivered to those booths by some incredibly coordinated man wearing stilts. Where a lot of people will sit/dance/make merry on the backs of those booths. And where, yes, the female staff will dress in pretty revealing leotards and tutus.

You try to support the arts however you can.


The Cosmo
6364 Hollywood Blvd
(at Cosmo St)
Hollywood, CA, 90028


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