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A Truly Raucous Hollywood Dance Party

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It’s 4am. You’re surrounded by California redwood. You just heard something loud.

You’re either about to perish in a mediocre horror movie...

Or you’re dancing like mad at a massive new Hollywood mega-club, keeping the dream alive.

Let’s assume the latter. Meet Sound, a rattling ode to the unbridled joy of bouncing DJ beats off redwood walls until 4am, opening soon from the empire behind Playhouse.

If you cleared out hundreds of people, turned off the highest-of-high-tech sound system and put away the bottle-service trays full of French 75s, it would look like a big old train car in here or something. Lots of redwood all over the walls, old railroad ties used as banisters, some booze and girls tucked away behind wire mesh.

Well, unless it looks like something else entirely—there are about a million digital screens that might make the dance floor suddenly look like everybody’s underwater. Or in space. Or in Marina del Rey. (Okay, probably not that.)

This place is all about the DJ. It’s also loud. So go with people you don’t want to talk to. The kind of people who can dreamily sum up all of humanity with just a sly look and a knowing head bob. The kind of people who can appreciate a good freaking.

Then again, who doesn’t.


1642 N Las Palmas Ave
(at Hollywood Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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