Things to do for October 11, 2012

The Weekender

Anne Quatrano, Clambakes and an Exorcism

Life all comes down to a few weekends. This is one of them.

Taking a Walking Tour with Four Chefs

Taking a Walking Tour with Four Chefs

Let’s go for a walk. Just you. The stars. Some chefs (think Quatrano, Hopkins, Fry). You’ll meet at Star Provisions, take a trolley to and from the Optimist and then hoof it to Bacchanalia and JCT. Kitchen. Waiting at each: a cocktail and a sampling of some Southern food. So feel free to lightly jog.

Clambaking in Buckhead

Clambaking in Buckhead

The Big Ketch, that beach-y grill in Buckhead, is turning two. So they’re having a bivalve bake with live music (there may be a fiddle) and $2 beers on the patio. Expect seaweed-covered mussels, lobster tails and clams. Thanks, ocean.

Dining Inside the Kitchen at Park 75

Dining Inside the Kitchen at Park 75

On Thursdays (hint: today’s a Thursday), Park 75 is allowing a select few to dine in their kitchen. Literally. You’ll have wine (help yourself to the jug on the table) and the chef’s favorite foods (help yourself to things like squab with forbidden rice). Just be careful by the stove, please.

An Outdoor Screening of The Exorcist

An Outdoor Screening of <em>The Exorcist</em>

When it’s Christmas, you watch It’s a Wonderful Life. When it’s Halloween, you watch The Exorcist. Related: Café Jonah is screening just that tomorrow night in their garden. They’ll serve you dinner. You’ll... probably want to avoid anything pea-soup-based.

Watching Independent Films at the High

Watching Independent Films at the High

The High is unveiling a new film series this weekend. They’ll all be independent, from New York’s MoMA and probably, you know, really arty (think: Brute Force and Eraserhead). First up: Andy Warhol’s Kitchen circa 1965. Bring a date, sit by the aisle... and prepare to toss around terms like mise-en-scène.

Elsewhere on the Daddy

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