Things to do for September 20, 2012

The Weekender

Foie Gras Pastries and Boarding a Fake Flight to Greece

One size fits all weekends.

UD - Foie Gras + Guava = This

Foie Gras + Guava = This

You like flaky pastries. You like guava. You... are probably wondering why we’re talking about these two things at the same time. Well, Pubbelly has combined both into a sort of Cuban Toaster Strudel. And added foie gras. Because they’re cool like that.

Available now at Pubbelly, 1418 20th St, Miami Beach, 305-532-7555

UD - A Pop-Up Vinyl Shop at Bardot

A Pop-Up Vinyl Shop at Bardot

Bardot is so much more than music and games of pool. Take tonight, for example, when it’s also complex cocktails from Bar Lab, live blues and heaps of vintage vinyl courtesy of a Sweat Records pop-up. Try not to get overwhelmed.

Sep 20, 6:30-9:30pm, $10, Bardot, 3456 N Miami Ave, 305-576-8570, RSVP here

UD - A Bunch of Handsome Gear, on the Cheap

A Bunch of Handsome Gear, on the Cheap

Take a look in your closet. Not now, when you have a chance later. If you see a surplus of Hugo Boss, Gucci and Tretorn boots, well, carry on. If not, that’s okay. Fashionably Conscious is having a sale at Merrick Park this weekend, and all that stuff is up to 90% off. Make some room.

UD - Taking Your Pooch to Brunch

Taking Your Pooch to Brunch

There’s a new brunch in town. The place: Lou’s Beer Garden. The deal: breakfast burritos and beer with man’s best friend. So you’ll bring your pup and spend some quality time bonding poolside over a bowl of water and crispy bacon. To be clear, the bowl is his.

UD - Haven Wants to Take You on a Trip

Haven Wants to Take You on a Trip

So Haven’s throwing a party on Saturday. The theme: an airplane flight to Mykonos. Which means you can expect DJ-spun tunes from Greece, airborne images of the country projected onto the walls and a bunch of beverage-cart-pushing stewardesses. Make sure you ask for the can.

Sep 22, 10pm-5am, Haven, 1237 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, 305-987-8885

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