Bar Centro

Hallucinatory Pros

The Most Surreal Bar You May Ever Experience

You'll recall we were recently all about understatement. Well...never mind.

When you're having a Liquid Nitrogen Caipirinha from a roving cart while sitting on a hairy barstool that looks like Cousin It, understatement is not the word that comes to mind.

Welcome to Bar Centro, the core of a surrealist high-end food court called The Bazaar by José Andrés that's soft-opening Monday inside the new SLS Hotel.

First things first—after you valet, enter the lobby to the left, not the right. (Yes, there are two lobbies—one leading to the Bazaar, the other for hotel guests.) Here you'll get the over-the-top spectacle you came for. Regal dukes morphing into monkeys on leaning LED screens. Margaritas with Salt Air. A table encased in a cube of illuminated glass. Mojitos in shakers pouring over cotton candy. A hidden fortune teller. (She just might predict an unusual evening—we hear she's good.)

And after your Caviar with Steamed Buns and Crème Fraîche, your check will follow you if you decide to have a seat at the ham-and-cheese bar inside the Spanish restaurant Rojo y Blanca. Or at the mirrored communal table in The Patisserie, if your date's in the mood for some Ganache and Wasabi Bonbons, some Lime Fizzy Rocks...and perhaps a replica of the Titanic (from design temple Moss).

It's a small way to go big.


Bar Centro
465 S. La Cienega Blvd
(S. of San Vicente)
Mid City
Los Angeles, CA, 90048

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