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A Bar with Two Sides to Its Personality

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Things that have two sides:

Coins. LPs. Every story...

And this place.

Introducing The Virgil, a handsome new bar with two distinct personalities from the owners of the Del Monte, now soft-open on Santa Monica and Virgil.

Even the bartenders refer to the place’s “Side A” and “Side B” here. So in short:

Side A is where you’ll enter to behold a stage draped in heavy blue-and-gold curtains, and a welcoming bar covered in postcards. (Greetings from... the bar.) Things are pretty loud and unfussy here—gotta keep it simple when there’s a samba band whirling around onstage. Two beers, please. Thanks.

And Side B, through the double doors, that’s your low-lit enclave for when you want to be surrounded by tattooed romance, all candles and sconces and cozy furniture. Get a pair of fussier cocktails here—super-seasonal stuff, or maybe an Air Mail with rum, honey, lime juice and champagne. The jukebox is free and it’s fully stocked with clothing-vaporizers like Etta James, Otis and D’Angelo.

Play in case of emergency.


The Virgil
4519 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90029


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