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There Will Be Blood. Good movie. But it could’ve used a couple things...

Like a drop-in by Rollergirl from Boogie Nights. Maybe a peppy musical number. And you wouldn’t say no to some flatbread pizzas.

Fade in on Rockwell: Table & Stage, a boldly reimagined new lounge hosting beautifully crazy live music shows based on movie soundtracks, now soft-open. First up: the canon of P.T. Anderson.

You remember Vermont Restaurant. On... Vermont. The place with the alfresco bar out back, Rockwell, and the cramped little adjacent bar, Barre, which had been hosting these wild cabaret homages to Tarantino, Hughes and Coen brothers movies. Well, forget all that. The whole thing is just Rockwell now.

The patio hasn’t changed too much, but get your tickets online and head inside, and you’ll see the wall between Barre and Vermont has gone to that great big construction zone in the sky. It’s now one big space with roomy banquettes, spread-out bistro tables and a big central stage. Take your seat and relax—the odds of you accidentally elbowing your neighbor in the face have plummeted by 75%.

And then: some drinks will appear on your table. Some duck confit flatbread. And a cadre of singers will eventually materialize to take you on a sonic journey through the films of P.T. Anderson, from Boogie Nights to Magnolia to There Will Be Blood.

There will also be bourbon.

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