Proof and Provision

Proof of Life

A Hidden Bar Beneath the Georgian Terrace

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We’re going to tell you something...

And when we do, you’re not going to believe us... but, believe us...

You’re about to spend a huge chunk of your summer in a dark basement.

And we know this because that’s where all the good grilled cheese and tequila is.

Allow us to introduce Proof and Provision, an old underground storage space that’s been transformed into a gloriously discreet cocktail lounge, hoping to soft-open this weekend below the Georgian Terrace Hotel.

This is the kind of basement bar that... feels like a basement. With a bar. Most of the original bones: still intact. The rough brick columns. The cold cement floors. The street-level windows peering out to Ponce. They’re all still here, except now they’re joined by bartenders slinging Hemingway Elixirs (that’s rum and grapefruit) and some confit chicken wings (think the Buffalo wing’s slightly more refined cousin).

You’ll go here straight from the Fox, when your date has progressed to the tequila portion of the evening. Cross the street to Livingston, bypass its perfectly fine bar (do it, trust us) and head down the first marble staircase (or just use the stone side entrance on Ponce). Either way, at the bottom: Proof and Provision. You’ve arrived. All that’s left to do now: order a round of Retoxes (reposado, maple, chilies, lime) and stake claim to a shadowy corner booth.

We’ll trust you can take it from here.


Proof and Provision
at the Georgian Terrace Hotel
659 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30308


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