Cotton Candy Margarita

Served Up

Introducing the Cotton Candy Margarita

None Cotton candy.

The thought alone conjures up images of childhood baseball games. Sunday afternoons at the fair. Washing your hands for 17 hours after childhood baseball games and Sunday afternoons at the fair.

Nostalgia on a stick, that stuff.

Until someone threw it in a glass of tequila, that is...

Then it became the Cotton Candy Margarita, a gloriously logic-defying collaboration of jalapeño-infused tequila, edible cotton and your mouth, available through May 30 at Park 75 in the Four Seasons.

This is the kind of thing Willy Wonka would’ve come up with if he decided to build his factory in Jalisco instead of... wherever the hell he built it.

So let’s say you want to inject a little more festivity (and fluffy, disintegrating food) into your day tomorrow. You’ll pick up a super-specific date who likes grand staircases that lead to bars inside the Four Seasons, order a round of catfish tacos and give the bartender a knowing look. A look that says you could really use a pack of Fun Dip with a tequila back... or better yet, a cocktail with tequila, lime and cotton candy made from a melted tangerine Life Saver.

Soon, a martini-looking cocktail will be presented to you, along with a side of cotton candy that you’ll drop into it.

Let it dissolve. Then consume. Then repeat.

Then maybe repeat again.


Cotton Candy Margarita
at Park 75 in the Four Seasons
75 14th St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30309

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