Things to do for May 03, 2012

The Weekender

Scandalous Motels, Marilyn Monroe and Happy Cufflinks

Truffle does the weekend shuffle.

UD - Clothing-Deprived Women. In Motels.

Clothing-Deprived Women. In Motels.

Good news. You can finally call off the search for a photography book comprised of over 160 images of mysterious women going about their business in seedy motels. While not placing much emphasis on the wearing of clothes. Because... well, that exists now.

UD - Your Vacation Plans Just Got Too Easy

Your Vacation Plans Just Got Too Easy

Vacation. Great word: vacation. And considering you’ll be on one of those soon, you’ll want to know about Match—it’s Airbnb, but with way more search options (standard vs. helipad hot tub) and the ability to send mass messages to the homeowners. Staying in strangers’ homes should always be this non-creepy.

UD - Amazing Pictures of Amazing Things

Amazing Pictures of Amazing Things

Auctions are the best. You get to hold little paddles. Look all serious. Say things like “Yep.” Unless it’s online, then you just click a button—like at this one, where you’ll bid on iconic-y photos like a disrobed Marilyn Monroe or Andy Warhol in a manhole with Edie Sedgwick. We know. But no.

UD - Hey, Thumbs-Up. Hey, Cufflinks.

Hey, Thumbs-Up. Hey, Cufflinks.

When it comes to expressing yourself, there’s no shortage of options. Let’s see, there’s the smile. The frown. The motherf**king emoticon. Oh, and silver cufflinks in the shape of a thumbs-up. You can get those from Paul Smith now. So you should get those from Paul Smith. Now.

UD - Your Bourbon’s Final Resting Place

Your Bourbon’s Final Resting Place

So there’s this woolly craftsman guy. Lives in California. Smells like varnish. And he’s got this online shop filled with a little bit of everything—lamps made out of pipe, furniture made out of wood. Also, handmade walnut coasters that say things like “Bourbon Parking Only.” A bit obvious, but sure.

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