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The Wait Is Over. Tom Bergin’s Is Back.

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There was a dark blight on St. Patrick’s Day this year. Hard to talk about, even now.

Give us a minute here.

Okay. For the first time since 1936, Tom Bergin’s was not an option. Closed. The revamp took a bit longer than expected.

But it’s time to look ahead to March 17, 2013...

Take your first look at Tom Bergin’s, the new and improved (but not too new or improved) version of the Irish legend... possibly reopening as early as tomorrow.

First off, you can relax. They didn’t go turning this place into some crazy modern discotheque with neon shamrock holograms. It’s got the old-school green leather booths. The brown bar stools for two. Even the artwork is the same—it’s just been reframed. The bar is touched up, but it’s still the bar. Basically, it all looks the same, only better. (Insert plastic surgery joke here.)


They did bring in your guy Marcos Tello to help out with the drinks here—so yes, you can still get your Irish coffee. Obviously. But you might also want to try new drinks like the Peeled Irish Buck (Irish whiskey, ginger, apple, soda and lime) and something from the new menu: maybe a filet, some corned beef on rye or, hell, maybe even the organic salmon.



Tom Bergin’s
840 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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