Things to do for March 22, 2012

The Weekender

Clooney, Kate Moss and... Ox Fur

You’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more the weekend.

UD - An Auction of Tasteful Nudes

An Auction of Tasteful Nudes

Helmut Newton. Richard Avedon. Lee Friedlander. All guys who had the good sense to have a camera around when Madonna or Kate Moss took their clothes off. Now you are the ultimate beneficiary, with this auction of some of their fine photographic work. You always are.

UD - The $30,000 Ox-Fur Suit You Require

The $30,000 Ox-Fur Suit You Require

There are probably a lot of practical uses for a rare Canadian musk ox. But we prefer turning it into a bespoke, cashmere-like suit with the help of Isaac Ely, the first name in fine Canadian tailoring. Which, yes, is a thing.

UD - Tiny Hands. A Whole Blog Full of ’Em.

Tiny Hands. A Whole Blog Full of ’Em.

Clooney: pretty funny guy. On this blog: pretty funny guy with one of his hands photoshopped to be freakishly small. Because that’s what this site is. Just a bunch of photos of celebrities with one wee paw. You’ve been looking for something to haunt your dreams.

UD - Putting Your Drink on a Famous Track

Putting Your Drink on a Famous Track

You’ve had just about all you can take of the evil scourge of table ring. These coasters featuring six of the world’s most famous racetracks ought to wipe it out for good. And to think, you were just going to “borrow” some from the bar.

UD - Group Action on Spotify

Group Action on Spotify

Friends. Always there with an open ear, a soft shoulder and the choicest tunes. Hence this new app, which is basically a big room where you and your friends will share and listen to music together on Spotify. But, you know, apart.

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