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Fried Chicken and Japanese Whiskey on Sawtelle

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Our president has descended upon the Westside today, so you’re thinking about one thing and one thing only:

The ungodly traffic. And your arsenal of places to help you avoid it.

And just in case you’re generally shy on vast warehouses full of fried chicken and Japanese whiskey...

Take a look at Plan Check, an industrial Westside shrine to the power of smoky chicken and smokier brown liquor, soft-opening tomorrow in the shadow of the 405.

So tonight: this place can’t help you. Sorry. But next time you’d rather dive into a Southern Fry Sandwich (fried chicken, duck breast ham, green pimento cheese) and some Suntory whiskey rather than count brake lights on the freeway—like, say, tomorrow—this is your spot.

When you’re here with a bunch of friends, you’ll want to commandeer one of the two long communal tables in the middle of the open hall of concrete, Edison bulbs and candleholders. Then, start ordering rounds of Little Osaka Sours (with bourbon and plum wine).

But with a low-key date on a warm evening, you might favor the huge patio outside for some sun, some beer and a towering Plan Check Burger. Fun fact: the chef opened the original Umami.

So yeah, you’ll want to try the burger.

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