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Whiskey and Waffles on Pico

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It’s a special time of year. All about coming together.

Friends and relatives. Girls and dragon tattoos. Whiskey and waffles...

Welcome to Freddy Smalls, a cozy neighborhood bar from the owner of the Counter that’ll sling you some Belgian waffles with your cocktail, now open on Pico.

It’s brand new, but one of those white-tile-walls, leather-banquette places that feels like it’s been in the neighborhood for years. When you walk in, you half expect somebody to yell, “Norm!”—whether or not that’s your name.

Come in with some friends after work and order a round of Stumbling Cowboys—it’s rye, housemade sarsaparilla, candied ginger and lemon. The barman came over from Seven Grand (aka whiskey utopia), so you may also want to do him the courtesy of trying out Alice’s Afternoon—that one’s made with scotch, bitters and wildflower honey. Again, you’re just being respectful.

At this point you’re probably all going to be hungry, so grab a table and summon some fried brussels sprouts, chicken parm... and Belgian waffles with apples, bacon butter and bourbon maple syrup.

Breakfast at a bar: still the most important meal of the day.


Freddy Smalls
11520 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90064


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