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Skee-Ball and Fried Twinkies Downtown

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You’re a master at the world’s most popular games of skill.

Soccer. Texas Hold’em. Edward Magnum-hands.

But lately, you’ve been wanting to dive back into what’s commonly referred to as the adolescent arts. You know: skee-ball.

Which brings us to One-Eyed Gypsy, Downtown’s elegant, old-timey new bar for skee-ball, funnel cake and $3 beers, now open from the woman who brought you Villains Tavern.

This is a little bit like a 1930s carnival in bar form. You’ll want to dip in anytime with your hottest friend who’s no stranger to Aladdin’s Castle and start at the long, chandelier-laden bar with cocktails like the spicy Ryumba (it has Russell’s Reserve Rye, and a rim covered in chili pepper) or a $3 can of Schlitz or Olympia.

If you’re hungry, there’s crazy carny fare like fried Twinkies, funnel cakes, corn dogs and pizzas. If your ears want live music, there’ll be indie rock bands on a stage straight out of Boardwalk Empire (except for, you know, the indie rock bands).

And you won’t want to leave without trying a few rolls on the two skee-ball lanes, which will spit out tickets that you can exchange for food and drinks.

And Paz de la Huerta.

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