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Culver City’s New Back-Alley Speakeasy

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Somehow, in the heart of Culver City, you’ve found yourself at a nondescript door in a random alley, under a red neon “Cocktails” sign.

You nod to a man. He nods back.

He gives a signal, a window in the door slides open, and you’re given a once-over by a tuxedoed man inside. Needless to say, you meet with his approval.

And you find yourself ushered into Seventy 7, a new speakeasy tucked behind Rocco’s Tavern, quietly opening Thursday in Culver City.

There are plenty of great spots to hit on foot in this part of town, all piled on top of each other in the streets—but they’re a little... obvious. So next time you’re on a date requiring a little discretion (this weekend’s a safe bet), this is where you’ll go.

Tuck into a dark corner of the intimate room, under red ceilings and crystal chandeliers, and order some small plates with a Jack and the Beanstalk—it’s got muddled watermelon, vanilla and, yes, Jack Daniel’s. Or if you’re feeling bold enough for a reinvented dirty martini, try the Peter Piper: dirtied with pickle juice instead (you love alliterative cocktails).

And for (liquid) dessert, you’ll want a S’mortini—with vodka, vanilla and chocolate liqueurs, a graham-cracker rim and torched marshmallows.

It’s one of the best s’more martinis in a speakeasy you’ll have all year.


Seventy 7
behind Rocco’s Tavern
3843 Main St
Culver City, CA, 90232


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