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It’s not a big deal. Totally casual.

But you’ve got a little drinks thing tonight with a couple Hollywood stylists, three Italian hand models and a Project Runway judge. (You’re not sure who invited Michael Kors, but… the more, the merrier.)

As for where to take them: welcome to Pattern Bar, a casually elegant new spot to drink McQueens and Gaultiers (also, beers) in the heart of Downtown’s Fashion District, now open.

It’s an open, airy place held up by classic-looking black-and-white pillars—and yes, it works for the above drinks-with-a-fashion-crowd scenario. Whether you’re Kors heavy or Kors light.

But despite the name, you can consider it more bistro than bar. So if you’re in the neighborhood for lunch with coworkers, come by for a sandwich or some arepas (they’re Venezuelan corn cakes), topped with anything from chicken to braised pork and sea salt. At dinnertime, your table will be covered with plates of olives, plantains and sweet-corn crepes. (Model types love sweet-corn crepes.) 

And you’ll be sure to find room for a round of Gaultiers (rum, watermelon, agave and lemon), then maybe a round of McQueens (gin, elderflower, passion fruit).

Think of it like a sneak peek at their fall rum collection.


Pattern Bar
100 W 9th St
Los Angeles, CA, 90015


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