Morrison Room

According to Jim

Partying in Jim Morrison’s Old Crash Pad

There’s always a reason to throw a party.

Maybe your birthday’s coming up. Maybe Adriana Lima’s birthday’s coming up. (Friendly reminder: it’s Sunday.)

Or maybe you’re just thirsty for some rock history and a little vodka...

Introducing Morrison Room, a secret new party spot tucked above the Sunset Strip, available now for private events.

Yes: it’s named after Jim. And yes: there’s a legit reason for that. It sits on top of Dukes diner, right next to the Whisky and across from the Viper Room. The Doors used to play at this location back in the ’60s—and Jim Morrison supposedly even lived up here for a while. (Sadly, no hair products remain.)

So next time you want to host a casually historic blowout for 99 or so friends, this is the place. You’ll enter from the valet lot out back, descend a long staircase and, instead of entering the restaurant, go past the lizards painted on the red wall and up some stairs.

That’s where you’ll find a breezy little indoor/outdoor rock dive of painted brick and corrugated metal. There’s also a bar and a whole wall of rock-star mug shots—everybody from Elvis to Bowie to Jim himself.

Don’t take this as encouragement.


Morrison Room
above Dukes
8909 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90069

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