Six Tips for Having the Best Holiday Season Ever with Your Significant Other

Just Keep These in Mind...

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As much as we all love the holidays—no work, lots of food, what’s not to like?—the truth is: they can be weirdly stressful. Sure, it’s great to spend time with the family. But there’s also a reason you don’t spend this much time with them, in a confined space, on a regular basis. 

One unintended consequence of this all may be that you’re not giving your partner-in-crime—who’s no doubt taking on as much responsibility, if not more, than you are—the attention she deserves. That’s why it can’t hurt to keep these tips—conceived to help you have a great holiday season with your significant other—stored away in case you need them.

(There’s no shame in needing them.)

1. Make time for just the two of you.
It can be hard, we know. Amidst the chaos of your aunts and uncles and your cousins and your one cousin’s strangely abrasive boyfriend, plus the kids’ table, simply carving out some bonding time for you and the woman you love can pose a challenge. But make an effort. Even if it’s just a quick kiss in the kitchen, as you do the dishes together (or, better yet, as you do them yourself). She’ll take notice.

2. Find little ways to make her life easier.
Take out the trash. Pick up her parents from the airport. Don’t complain if and when she complains. Just generally do the things that she would do for you in order to make any and all holiday-related stress that much less stressful.

3. Spend meaningful time with the ones she loves.
The in-laws. The brother-in-laws. Her cat you suspect doesn’t like you all that much. This is your time to shine—and more importantly, your time to prove to her how well you get along with the people (or pets) she cares about most. This may entail not only being an entertaining dinner guest, but making an effort to spend time with her loved ones on your own time.

4. Be her rock.
Make it clear to her that, while spending time with family and friends is hugely important, she's still your number one priority. You're in this together. Whatever "this" is—whether it's "that holiday dinner at your brother's neither of you really want to go to" or "that work holiday party you wish would just end already." 

5. Create a new tradition together.
“Remember the first time we did that?” That’s what you’re aiming to hear her say, years down the road. We can’t create this new tradition for you—chopping down your own Christmas tree? Watching a particular classic movie? Playing laser tag? Not-playing laser tag?—but if you pull it off, it could make for a holiday season she’ll never forget.   

6. Get her something special.
The gift: it’s the final, most elusive piece of the holiday puzzle. Fortunately, you've got The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection, full of exquisite pieces of diamond jewelry designed to reflect the qualities that make her so special. Guess it wasn't so elusive after all...

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