Better Than Flowers: Five Unique Ways to Let Her Know You Appreciate Her

Trust Us, It's Worth the Effort


To be clear: we’ve got nothing against flowers. They smell nice. They look nice. They make whoever’s receiving them feel nice. They’re nice. Flowers are nice.

Be that as it may, they can also come across as the gifting equivalent of a layup—the kind of thing you buy for your special someone when you can’t think of something else to buy for your special someone. And that’s okay. Most of the time...

But not this time. This time, you’re showing her how much you really care by doing something a little extra. Herewith, five options to get you started...

Whisk her away on a spontaneous weekend getaway.
Nothing’s more romantic than stealing her away for a surprise weekend for two. It’s like an episode of The Bachelor, without the contingent weirdness of being an episode of The Bachelor. A few tips, if you want to pull this off...

1) Without ruining the surprise, try to ascertain whether or not she has any plans on the weekend you’re trying to get away. You don’t want to spring it on her last minute, only to find that she has a work thing she can’t get out of.

2) Try to take her somewhere you’ve both never been before. It doesn’t have to be far. It could just be a drive. But exploring an unknown place together will help you grow closer as a couple.

3) Once you're there, go the extra mile. Make some dinner reservations. Plan a night out. If you’re going to go for it, really go for it.

Plan a romantic night in.
Tell your roommates—if you still have roommates—to take a hike for the night and prepare a relaxing, special evening at home for just the two of you. Make her a meal from that new cookbook you’ve been meaning to crack. Try your hand at some adventurous cocktails. Construct a pillow fort in the living room and project When Harry Met Sally onto your wall. Because who doesn’t love a good pillow fort...

Coordinate a girls night for her and her friends.
Maybe—just maybe—the two of you have been spending a bit too much time together. This is where the girls night comes into play—you set a little something up with her friends, telling them how much she misses them, etcetera, etcetera. When she goes out and her girl friends tell her whose idea this all was, you can take some of the credit. She’ll appreciate it. Her friends will appreciate it. And your friends will appreciate it. It’s a win-win-win.

Undertake a grand romantic gesture.
There’s a time and place for the grand romantic gesture, and that time and place is not “every day” and “anywhere.” No, it has to be just right. But surprising the person you love with something she isn’t expecting is a great way to show her how much you truly treasure her. And “grand” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “big.” It could mean laying rose petals across the bed. It could mean hiring a violinist to play your favorite tune at dinner. It could even mean taking care of all the things you knew she had to take care of and surprising her with takeout. So long as you take her feelings into consideration, you'll have no trouble pulling it off.

Buy a timely gift tailored to her preferences.
Has she been talking nonstop about wanting to see Dear Evan Hansen? Has she pointed out the cute dress in the boutique on your block more than once on your walk home? Is there a tasting menu-only restaurant you know she’s been dying to try? Instead of buying her flowers, buy her something you know she—and she, in particular—wants. Show her you've been paying attention. 

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