The Engagement Ring They Actually Want. Every. Single. Time.

Introducing the Will You? Ring From Helzberg Diamonds


You know how marriage proposals work, of course.

Someone gets down on a knee.

Then presents their beloved a ring without a single diamond on it.

Oh, did you forget it's 2018?

The year of the Will You? Ring. It's a incredible new innovation in proposals from Helzberg Diamonds, allowing your fiancée to get the ring they truly dream of.

Nothing against your Great Aunt Myrtle and her angular tortoise-shell wedding band with the pink rhinestones. Sure, it's important to your family. And it was probably the rage of the Carson City saloon in her day, but it may not be to your future fiancée's taste. Besides, individual choice and creative liberty is important stuff.

Which is why the Will You? Ring has such impeccable timing. It's essentially an engraved band in a beautiful box that allows you to propose in dramatic fashion, paving the way for you both to go into a Helzberg store after the proposal to pick out the engagement ring together.

This way, everybody wins in this strong partnership as your beloved gets the ring they've really always wanted.

Oh, and also the whole lifetime-of-happiness thing.

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